Helpful hints for a great party

Please be sensible with how many children you are inviting

If I have specified the maximum number of children for a particular type of party then please stick to this! This is for safety and sanity!

Be organised! Try not to rush around on the day of the party. Maybe have a Grandparent or friend to look after the (inevitably excited) Birthday child before the party so you can get on with sorting the venue and food out.

Don’t put balloons all over the floor. They will probably pop and scare someone, try to keep everything as calm as possible. Stick balloons on the wall for decoration and then give them away at the end.

If there is a separate room then put tea, coffee and nibbles for adults away from the children. (It is up to you if you have alcohol, it can get out of hand!)

Don’t be afraid to ask the parents of your party guests to drop off the children and then leave

(if the children are 4 years or over). I suggest this for a number of reasons:

1) Lots of adults = lots of noise,

2) Children relax more if they are not under scrutiny,

3) Children enjoy themselves more without their parents there,

4) You will enjoy the party if you are not catering for the adults and/ or worrying about them. The party is for the children after all!

5) If parents stay, so might older/younger siblings. That’s fine if you want them to but it can play havoc when you have only catered for a certain amount of children. You want your Son/Daughter to be comfortable with the other children at the party not intimidated by a couple of 9 year olds who think it’s all a bit beneath them. Likewise, toddlers are hilarious, but not when they detract from the guest of honour.

6) Some children will get into a right old state and get quite hysterical at the beginning of a party. This is because it is a new situation for them, it’s often noisy and confusing at the start of a party, but keep everything calm and things should settle. If someone is really upset take them out of the room for a while and have them sit quietly with someone.

I am sure you have heard the phrase “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”? Over the years I have seen around 50 percent of Birthday children in tears by the end of their party! Excitement, yummy party food, presents, a years worth of planning (in their heads) and built up expectations have to come out somehow! Be Gentle!

Have a list ready for parents to leave a contact number in case of emergencies

Check for food allergies. Tell me too as I do give out sweets

Please also let us know if there are any children with physical, behavioural or mobility issues.

Consider having two Birthday cakes ###

You can cut one up and put it in the party bags when you have a spare few minutes and have the other one with the candles on to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with. This stops the frantic rush at the end of the party.

Don’t forget candles, matches or lighter and cameras!

These are the most forgotten items!!

Over the years I have heard some horror stories about entertainers, parties, venues etc (I will write a book one day!), but it is always the adults that tell me, never the children. All these stories are finished off with “but the children thought the inebriated clown/strange food/over excited family pet was fantastic!” What I am trying to say is your children will love the party what ever happens

So don’t panic, remain calm and simply enjoy yourselves!!!

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