FAQs - Frequent Asked Questions

Will all the children receive a balloon model?

Yes! I usually make beforehand and distribute them at the end of the party.

Do you provide prizes?

If you have chosen games as part of your package then prizes for the games are included. I provide a selection of sweets and toys for the children to choose from.

Do you provide a pass the parcel?

A pass the parcel is not included as I provide a similar game called pass the treasure box.

Do you play elimination games?

No! (It’s too upsetting for everyone!!)

Do you provide music?

Yes, I bring a PA speaker with music and a microphone

What kind of space do you need?

I will fit my show and activities to any space! If you have chosen face painting or glitter tattoos as one of your options then I will need a table and two chairs.

Number limits

If you have more children attending the party than the recommended number, then you must let me know. I may have to amend the activities to accommodate the extra children. You don’t need to include under 2’s in your numbers, just the children that will be fully participating in the activities.

Craft parties only:

What do I need to provide for the crafts?

If your venue is a hall/community centre, I will need several tables (no chairs) to be set up for the craft activities. If your venue is at home, a space on the floor is fine. I will provide table cloths and all craft utensils. Craft activities are not suitable for under 4’s unless you have checked with me first.

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